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Shrimp Sushi-ebi 200g Nordic Seafood
Art.: 0000002156
Shrimp Vannamei peeled s/m 26/30, 400 gr with tail (Thailand) PS
Art.: 0000002485
Shrimp 26/30 Crispy Butterfly 1 kg EPIC
Art.: 00001451
Shrimps 16/20 with head 1 kg Gambas EPIC
Art.: 00001452
Креветки 8/12 с/г 1 кг, Seafood Line
Art.: 00001564
Креветки с/м, б/г 21/25 "RISMA" Индия
Art.: 00001593

The UnityFood company's online store offers a wide selection of various seafood. One of the favorite positions of our customers are shrimps. In the catalog there is a product for every taste: boiled and raw – peeled; in a shell without a head and whole; in a potato spiral and in breading; Vannamei, mini – cocktails and tiger. Buying shrimp with home delivery in our store is a good solution for the following reasons:

  • The online catalog contains only proven products from well-known brands of manufacturers.
  • Frozen products are stored in a warehouse in modern refrigeration facilities, where the required storage temperature is maintained. To preserve freshness and quality on the way, all courier cars are equipped with refrigerators.
  • We deliver goods every day in Baku from 09:00 to 22:00.
  • When making an order before 13:00 – delivery will be completed during the day, if the order is made after 15:00 – the delivery time will be specified by the service operator.
  • You can collect a full grocery basket for the whole family from us, which will help save your time.
  • We carry out both small retail and large wholesale deliveries for restaurants, cafes and canteens.

Shrimps are small crustaceans. They live all over the world in any water, both fresh and salty. There are many different types, differing in size and taste. The flesh of these small crustaceans is valued for its taste and useful properties. They have sweet tender meat of white or light pink color, denser in structure than fish. The aftertaste is very similar to the taste of crayfish, crabs or crab sticks. A huge number of various recipes allows you to give the clam any flavor notes.

For the human body, shrimp is only beneficial. It contains many micro and macro elements, such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iodine, chromium and much more. Nutritional value can boast a low calorie content and a high content of easily digestible protein with a rich amino acid profile.

You can place an order online on the website. For any questions, please contact the managers of UnityFood. They will guide you on any questions and help you with the design. We are available by phone +994123102272, e-mail “”, in messengers (WhatsApp) and social networks.