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UnityFood company offers to buy dairy products in Baku with delivery to your door. The assortment includes a wide selection of various soft and hard cheeses, non-traditional milk and yoghurts. The catalog is formed by products from well-known brands of manufacturers, in the quality and excellent taste properties of which we are confident. You can buy a grocery basket for the whole family from us or make wholesale purchases for your business.

Dairy products are an important component of the diet of a modern person. It is very tasty and nutritious. This is especially true for cheeses. They are very much loved by children and adults. A wide variety of types allows you to constantly change the flavor content of your menu. Hard varieties will be an excellent snack or ingredient for many dishes. Soft ones are well suited for spreading on sandwiches. Dessert mascarpone is used for making cakes and cheesecakes.

Alternative types of milk, such as soy and coconut, will be the optimal solution for people with lactose intolerance and will allow you not to give up your favorite latte, cappuccino, moccachino and other coffee drinks.

In addition to pleasant taste qualities, dairy products should be bought because of their benefits for the body:

  • Protein. Cheese contains a high percentage of protein, which is a necessary building material.
  • Calcium. After drinking one glass of yogurt, you will get up to half the daily allowance of this important element.
  • Appetite regulation. Milk saturates very well and helps not to overeat.

We present natural products that meet all strict industry quality standards. You won't find flavorings or preservatives in it. Only classic recipes and natural ingredients are used for cooking. It can be safely added to the diet of a person of any age.

You can buy all the necessary goods online with delivery in Baku. We deliver orders daily from 9:00 to 22:00. (If you place an order before 13:00 – delivery will be completed during the day, if the order is made after 15:00 – the delivery time will be specified by the service operator.) We select a convenient time for each client. Transport with built-in cold storage is used for transportation. Therefore, in summer, autumn, winter and spring - goods are stored in the same conditions.

If you have any other questions, ask them to our specialists. To do this, contact us by phone +994123102272 or email us “info@unityfood.az”. Also, we are available in messengers (WhatsApp) and social networks.