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Картошка Фри c приправой - Pati 600гр "Aviko"
Art.: 0000001675
Gedza fruit dumplings with apples 400 gr
Art.: 0000001697
Duck Whole peeled +2 kg Valdor weight
Art.: 0000002439
Turkey frozen 3-4 kg "Doux" weight
Art.: 0000002446
Whole duck carcass 2 kg SALIMA
Art.: 00000498
Chicken pate 100 gr SETRA
Art.: 00001373
Наггетсы 1,5 кг Мираторг (Россия)
Art.: 00001753

Meat products play an important role in the daily human diet. First of all, they are an excellent source of animal protein with a rich amino acid profile. Secondly, they help to deliver various useful elements to the body, such as B vitamins, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements. Thirdly, it's just very tasty food that saturates and brings pleasure. 

You should buy meat and meat products only from trusted suppliers. UnityFood company has been operating in Baku for more than 9 years. During this time, we have successfully completed a huge number of orders, both for individuals and for businesses. You can entrust your grocery basket to us. We offer:

  • Semi-finished products: Dumplings, Gyoza shrimp, dumplings with boiled shrimp and other different fillings, samsa.
  • Finished products: Sausages and sausages.
  • Poultry meat: French chicken, whole duck, duck breast and duck legs..

We store our products in modern cooling chambers, where a constant temperature regime is maintained. During transportation, frozen goods are stored in refrigeration chambers installed on courier transport. This approach allows us to guarantee the absence of defrosting cycles and the freshness of the goods.

Online ordering of meat products is very convenient and practical for the following reasons:

  • Save time. You don't have to go shopping. A basket formed once can be ordered constantly.
  • Quality assurance. The products you have chosen do not lie on the shelves, they are not touched by other customers. They are delivered from the warehouse in perfect condition.
  • Choice. To find the right position, you do not need to climb refrigerators and counters. Everything is conveniently sorted into categories in the online catalog.
  • Emotions. You only buy the food you really need. Advertising tricks and tricks do not work on you.

Buy meat wholesale or retail with delivery in Baku on the Unity Food company's website. We deliver goods every day from 09:00 to 22:00. (If an order is made before 13:00, delivery will be completed during the day, if the order is made after 15:00, the delivery time will be specified by the service operator.) We select a convenient time for each client. To clarify any questions, please contact us by phone +994123102272 or email us “”. Available in messengers (WhatsApp) and social networks.