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Crab meat Surimi 45% 1 kg "Epic"
Art.: 0000000302
Crab sticks 1 kg "EKONOM"
Art.: 0000000304
Snow crab 500 gr Santa Bremor
Art.: 0000000787

UnityFood company offers to buy crab sticks with home delivery in Baku. In the assortment of our online store you will find high-quality products from well-known manufacturers. We carefully select products for the catalog, so we guarantee high quality. We work wholesale and retail. Large warehouse facilities allow us to fulfill orders of almost any volume.

Crab sticks are a very tasty fish product made from minced white fish, which is called Surimi. Also, oil, egg white, spices and other ingredients are added to it. In its coloring and shape it resembles crab meat. Despite the name, there is no crab in their composition.

The product has a characteristic smell of seafood, has both a dense and soft structure. The taste is slightly salty with delicate fishy notes. You can eat it yourself, but most often it is used as an ingredient for a variety of dishes:

  • Salads - perfectly combined with egg, corn, rice, tuna and a number of other ingredients.
  • Rolls, sushi - complements the taste well.
  • Cold snacks - sandwiches, spreads, tartlets and canapes.
  • Hot dishes - you will be surprised, but they can be fried in batter, cook cutlets and much more on their basis.

Due to the presence of fish in the composition, the sticks contain many useful elements, such as nickel, molybdenum, fluorine, chromium, zinc and chlorine. They have a positive effect on the work of the human body. There is no harm from them. The exception is unscrupulous manufacturers who, in pursuit of cheaper prices, neglect the addition of various amplifiers, preservatives and other chemicals.

Therefore, it should be purchased only from trusted suppliers. We have been supplying quality food for families and businesses for more than 9 years. We are fully responsible for quality and safety.

Place an online order on our website with delivery. The goods are delivered every day from 09:00 to 22:00. We will form your order, carefully pack it and bring it to the specified address at a convenient time for you. (If you place an order before 13:00 – delivery will be completed during the day, if the order is made after 15:00 – the delivery time will be specified by the service operator.) Any questions can be clarified with our consultants. To do this, call them or email them “”. Also, we are available in messengers (WhatsApp) and social networks.