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Salmon fillet steak 250 gr Nordic
Art.: 0000001153
Smoked salmon (sliced) TOMEX
Art.: 0000002180
Anchovy 900 gr frozen "Epic"
Art.: 0000000021
Tuna pate 80 gr SETRA
Art.: 00001370
Fish Stick Gluten Free - 360 gr IGLO
Art.: 00001449
Анчоусы филе в масле ж/б 700/400 гр MIKELE
Art.: 00001571
Копчёный лосось (MEDUZA) весовой
Art.: 00001729

UnityFood company offers to buy fish in Baku with home delivery In the assortment of our online store you will see a wide selection of frozen, prepared and canned products. We fill the catalog with food products from well-known world manufacturers, so we guarantee high quality. We work with both wholesale and retail buyers. Here you can buy fish for your family or business.

Thinking about a healthy diet, it is important to provide a sufficient amount of fish products in the weekly menu. They perfectly diversify your daily meals, and will also bring great benefits to the body. Among them:

  1. Omega 3. Saturated fatty acid is very important for stimulating the immune system, stable functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  2. Vitamin B12. If you don't eat meat, then fish will help you get this vitamin from natural sources. It helps to prevent anemia and a number of other diseases.
  3. Vitamin D. Required for the formation of strong bones and the health of the reproductive system.
  4. Iodine. It helps the thyroid gland, participates in the production of hormones.
  5. Protein. High content of easily digestible protein with excellent amino acid profile. 200-400 grams of fillets will provide your body with the necessary building material.

In the online catalog, everyone will be able to choose a fish to their taste. For lovers of white dietary meat, tilapia will be an excellent solution. For connoisseurs of red fish, there is salmon in the form of steak or sirloin. With canned tuna you can make delicious sandwiches or a light salad.

 A variety of finished and frozen products will make it easy to plan your diet. Canned and smoked products help out well when there is a lack of time for cooking. They can be consumed separately or added as an ingredient to any dish. For example, as a spread on bruschetta. Frozen fish can be cooked in different ways: frying on a grill or on pan, stewing, salting, baking, etc. The only recommendation is to allow the product to defrost at room temperature.

Make an order online with delivery to your door. We deliver goods daily from 09:00 to 22:00. For transportation, we use automobile transport with refrigerating chambers, so the storage temperature is strictly observed by us. You can ask our specialists a question. To do this, contact them by phone +994123102272 or email “”. Also, we are available in messenger (WhatsApp) and social networks.